Doctoral Defenses


Dates for Doctoral Defenses

Date Name Location Time Title of Doctoral Thesis
Mon., October 16, 2017 Mr. B. Grühn Büropark, Kackertstr. 7, room 201 (2nd floor) 08.30 hours

The Entrepreneurial Orientation of Corporations: A Longitudinal Investigation of Antecedents and Performance Consequences

Mon., October 16, 2017 Ms. D. Fischer Büropark, Kackertstr. 7, room 301 (3rd floor) 11.30 hours Triple-Bottom-Line-Based Motivation in Entrepreneurship
Wed., October 18, 2017 Mr. D.J. Rosenbach Sammelbau, Templergraben 64, room 517/518 (WiÜ, 5th floor) 10.00 hours A financial perspective on the causes and consequences of corporate social responsibility initiatives
Mon., October 30, 2017 Mr. L. Traub Büropark, Kackertstr. 7, room 301 (3rd floor) 10.00 hours

The Hidden Information in the Facets of Brand Equity: An Empirical Investigation into the Role of Brand Equity as a Leading Indicator of Abnormal Stock Returns and Idiosyncratic Risk

Wed., November 8, 2017 Mr. T. Hecking Büropark, Kackertstr. 7, room 301 (3rd floor) 10.00 hours

Dynamic Capabilities in New Ventures: Development, Performance Effects and Influence of Liabilities

Wed., November 8, 2017 Ms. Ch. Helduser Kàrman-Auditorium, Germanistisches Institut, Eilfschornsteinstr. 15, room 213 (2nd floor) 9.30 hours Experimental Insights into Trust, Betrayal Aversion, and Trustworthiness from Binary-Choice Trust Games