The Psychology of Faith


As part of its At the Focus series, RWTHextern is collaborating with the RWTH Chair of Systematic Theology to offer a lecture series given by professor Helmut Reuter on the topic "Psychology of Faith - Intercultural Aspects."


The lecture series will be held Tuesdays from 4:15 to 5:45 in Room R5 (Reiff-Museum), Schinkelstraße 1 in Aachen, and kicks off October 24.

Both the individual and collective experience of faith are topics in cultural and personality psychology. Experiences of faith, even at different times and with varying substance, have comparable elements, which the speaker will discuss during the lectures.

Reuter is professor of psychology and founder of the Insitute for Education and Culture in Cologne. His research interest is using psychology as an instrument to recognize the experiences, behavior, and cultural identity of the individual. To achieve this it is important to create space for dialogue between psychology that explains natural phenomena and one that understands and is descriptive. In 2013 Reuter held the Hemmerle Professorship at RWTH for one semester. Since then he has been active visiting professor at the Chair of Systematic Theology.

Source: Press and Public Relations