Accommodation Survey


Still Searching for Accommodation or Already Found it?

Almost everybody has experienced it: when you start university, when you switch to another university, when you get a new job - you always need to find new accommodation. Over the last few years, regional housing markets in German cities have been under increasing pressure. Especially for lower income groups, e.g. students, it is becoming more difficult to find a suitable apartment. They also experience very long waiting periods if they want to live in a university hall of residence.

This is why we would like to hear about your accommodation, how you envisage accommodation nowadays, and what kind of previous experiences you have already made when seeking somewhere to live.

This is a cooperation project between the Department of Applied Geography and Spatial Planning at the Humboldt University of Berlin and CBRE GmbH. We would like to use the results as a data basis for two Master's theses at the Chair for Applied Geography / Spatial Planning at HU-Berlin which address the following research questions:

  • Are there any changes occurring in the preferred forms of accommodation for students caused by the changing housing market conditions in German cities?

  • Do the offers from private providers of student halls of residence in Germany meet the newly developed needs and requirements of students with regard to accommodation, and do they fulfill them?

  • What future trends and developments are arising from the privatization of student living space in the spatial distribution of students on inner city districts?

  • Is there a need for political control through urban policy and - if so - which political strategies are already being implemented or are planned?

All participants who have completed the survey have the chance of winning an iPad or one of 10 Amazon-Coupons.

Link to the survey.

Thank you very much for participating!