Since 1987, students of business and economics have been able to use a computer room (‘CIP-Pool’) that is located on the premises of the Research Group Electronic Business at Johanniterstrasse 22-24.

Since summer 2014, the room is mainly used for teaching activities space. Thanks to visual media like a screen, a flipchart, and a projector, C.Le.Ver can also be used for teaching activities involving a maximum of 30 students.

In a restricted time schedule the room can still be used by students for computing and learning activities.



You only have to register with C.LeVer if you want to use the printing facilities.



Printing is possible from all the computers on a black and white laser printer. Students of the School of Business and Economics and also students studying engineering with business ('Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen') pay 0.02 € per side, and 0.20 € if they use the color laser printer but need to have credit on their printing account in order to do so. The prices for all other students are 0.03 € per side and 0.30 € per side, respectively. Students can consult C.Le.Ver staff about stocking up their printing accounts, and can check how much credit they have left on their accounts by using the WBALANCE program (click on the € symbol on the lower right of the taskbar).